Clu is a LOS ANGELES based brand founded in 2004. The name is derived from the French word clou which means nail, a simple and graphic object. Its concept began with a reinterpretation of the
t-shirt, a symbol of the American style that represents freedom and youth. Clu offers soft, sculptural, often reconstructed looks with everyday versatility and timeless chic.

In addition to Clu, 2 distinct lines, Clu Maille and Clu too have been added to cater to our diverse customers.
Clu Maille is a line which offers specialty, higher end limited edition items and Clu Too is a line catering to the more youthful, fun and casual clientele.

Since 2019, in collaboration with SEOKJ International, with director Seok Jeong Hey, Clu has incorporated leather goods in to it’s portfolio.